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based in Los Angeles

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01 about

Phil Hopkins is an LA-based writer, director, and technologist. His stage plays have been developed and produced at Center Stage, Classical Theater of Harlem, 78th Street Theater Lab and elsewhere. His short stories have been published in Seneca Review and other literary journals. As a technologist he created LLM-based Artificial Intelligence solutions for major tech companies. He is currently obtaining funding for the feature film FIGHT FOR THE WORLD, about African American boxer Joe Louis' bout with Hitler's champion fighter. Phil loves animals, from bulls to pitbulls, and bunny rabbits and birds. 


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03 personal history

I grew up in Texas, was given my first real gun at age six.


After leaving the state, I wrote the novel TALL TALES FROM DRY PLACES about Texas.

I went to UCLA, graduating before most of you were born. I lived in Brooklyn for years near the canal where the Gattis put their bodies.

There I wrote the stage play SENSATION, which was produced at KGB, and ATLAS OF THE HIDDEN WORLD.

After Brooklyn, I moved back to LA, and co-wrote the stage musical 1929 with Kahlil Daniel, which is going to NYC in 2024. With Kahlil I also wrote the feature film script FIGHT FOR THE  WORLD about Black boxer Joe Louis' bouts with Hitler's champion fighter. 

I also co-wrote SCORPIO SZN with Sayde M, which is in pre-production for principal photography in 2025. 


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